I actually wanted to write something like this for ages, but today I reached my breaking point and I don't think I can be silent about this any longer...

I'm pretty sure a few of you already heard about the apple music stage incident.
If not, I'll make it short;

Both Taeil and Taeyong slipped a lot while performing, because the stage was wet.
{Just like the many slipping incidents
NCT had a few months ago on the dream concert stage}

The worst part is that Taeyong kept limping and was visibly in pain, but, being the strong person he is, he maintained his smile and kept performing.

And the only thing some rude people would comment were hateful things like:

lmfao male version of gfriend


Is it bad if I laugh?

But the worst and, in my opinion, most stupid comment was this:

Karma after stealing other members screen time.

I actually thought that after Jonghyun's death the people would be more careful with their words, but, oh wow, was I wrong.

When Jonghyun died, every fandom mourned for him.
No matter if Blink, EXO-L, Aroha, ARMY or whatever.
And now, not even a year after his death, this whole thing starts again.

I believe that exactly the people who wrote stuff like that, will be sitting at home on the 18th of december and act like they all are sad and were pure angels the whole year.

Those were probably the kind of people, who wrote things like: ,,Omg, how could that happen?'' or ,,He was such a kind and important person.'' when Jonghyun's death was announced.

Taeyong doesn't decide when he has a lot of screen time or when he has to sing which lyrics, so why are y'all going against him instead of SM, who is actually the one behind all this?

That's unfair, don't you think?

I've known this beautiful human being since the very first music video, back in 2016.

Y'all are talking shit about him as if he's going into Sooman's office before every comeback, slams his hands on the table and just says:
,,I want all the screen time and lines.''

A friend told me that the hate got more these last weeks, so let me give you a quick guide to this ''scary'' Lee Taeyong:

- he told the others in a v-live that they should give the tablet {the one they read the comments with} to WinWin and Yuta, because there were so many comments in Japanese and Chinese

- he carefully helped Jisung after he slipped and guided him all the way from the stage

- he wrote his name as 'Lee Thank You' because his initials are LTY and TY means 'Thank You'

- he always gets shy and flustered when someone compliments him or tells him that he's handsome

- he immediately helped up a fan when she fell and asked her if everything was fine

- he donated money for scholarships to 4 students every month since his debut

- named the 9 eggs he had to take care of after his members

- ,,What's the difference between NCT's fans and others?''
TY: ,,Our fans? They are different. They are the best, it's a gathering of angels. They are really nice, also beautiful, have a warm heart and are passionate.''

- Fan: ,,Oppa, should I show you something crazy or someone handsome?''
TY: ,,uhm, you can show me anything except scary things.''
Fan: shows him a mirror
TY: ,,Turn the mirror around.''
Fan: ,,Huh?'' turns it
TY: ,, I'll show you someone pretty.''

I think too many people just see the 'on stage' Taeyong, but don't even bother to get to know him and his real personality.
He may look cold on the outside, but this boy's heart and soul are fragile like glass, so be freaking careful with him, thank you.

♡nct♡, gif, and taeyong image

I hope some people read this and either agree with me or consider to get to know this fluffball better.

-Please excuse the mistakes or grammatical errors, English isn't my first language.