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(There are a lot of these so idk who did the original.)
I'm a huge marvel fan I like both comics and the MCU. They are all amazing and I'm such a stan of so many of the characters!

Favourite Male Character

peter parker, mcu, and gif image tom holland, spiderman, and spiderman homecoming image
Peter Parker has my heart.

Favourite Female Character

Scarlett Johansson, viúva negra, and natasha romanoff image natasha romanoff, marvel cinematic universe, and mcu image
Black Widow is such a badass queen!

Least Favourite Character

Image removed comics, Marvel, and superhero image
Ew Thanos.

Favourite Movie

iron man, fuck all, and robert down jr image iron man, tony stark, and fly image
The first Iron Man is such a mood. I swear I watched it 30 times.

Who do you ship the most?

Marvel, spiderman, and peter parker image Fantastic Four, Marvel, and spider-man image
Spideytorch is my OTP.

Favourite Power

movie, actor, and gif image
Boom Boom Whoosh

Baby Groot or Big Groot

gif, Marvel, and groot image Marvel, groot, and guardians of the galaxy image

Favourite Scene

gif, Marvel, and thor image thor, mcu, and infinity war image
Hell yes

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