I found this tag and it seemed pretty cool,
Hope you like it.

Favourite Animal:

cats, disney, and disneymovie image lady, cat, and quotes image
Marie ( aristocats)

Favourite Character

aladdin, movie, and disney image aladdin, movie, and disney image
Genie (Aladin)

Favourite Classic

disney, dumbo, and sky image disney, dumbo, and mammajumbo image

Favourite Hero

fantasy, treasure planet, and jim hawkins image Image removed
James Hawkins (Treasure planet)

Favourite Heroine

Mary Poppins, black and white, and julie andrews image black and white, gif, and Mary Poppins image
Mary Poppins

Favourite Kiss

the little mermaid image ariel, disney, and kiss image
Little Mermaid

Favourite Love Song

beauty and the beast image beauty and the beast image
Beauty and The Beast

Favourite Pixar Film

emotion, happy, and disney image disney, inside out, and quotes image
Inside Out

Favourite Prince

aladdin image aladdin image

Favourite Princess

1992, art, and jasmine image Image removed

Favourite Quote

peter pan, quotes, and goodbye image Queen, quotes, and Late image
Peter Pan; The Princess Diaries

Favourite Soundtrack

Inspiring Image on We Heart It disney, brother bear, and koda image
Brother Bear (because of Phil Collins )

Favourite Villain

pirate, sea, and ship image neverland, hook, and peter pan image
Captain Hook

Movie That Makes You Cry

toy story, one direction, and disney image movie, toy story, and disney image
Toy Story 3

Movie That Makes You Laugh

disney, walt disney, and mulan 2 image 2, friendship, and mulan image
Mulan II

Favourite Imaginary Place

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed galaxy, jim hawkins, and animation image animation, disney, and galaxy image
Neverland (Peter pan) every places in the Treasure planet

Saddest Death

disney, feels, and heart broken image
Ray (princess and the frog)

Favourite Song

tarzan, disney, and baby image disney and tarzan image
Tarzan- You'll be in my heart (by Phil Collins)

Song That Always Gets Stuck In Your Head

aesthetic, flynn rider, and Eugene image animal, chameleon, and green image
Tangled-When will my life begin

Favourite Movie

Image by Carpe Diem ∞ b&w, photography, and circus image aesthetic, disney, and treasure planet image merlin image
Dumbo, Treasure Planet and Merlin

Favourite Couple

animals, boy, and cartoon image cartoon, clouds, and crazy image
tangled and Flynn

Favourite Mum

disney, cute, and love image black and white, children, and family image
Dumbo's mum

Favourite Dad

ariel, disney, and triton image Mature image
Triton ( Little Mermaid)

Favourite Sidekick

mulan, disney, and funny image mulan, disney, and gif image
Mushu (Mulan)

Favourite Lyric

toy story, andy, and disney image toy story and disney image
Some other folks might be a little bit smarter than I am Bigger and stronger too Maybe But none of them Will ever love you the way I do It's me and you boy And as the years go by Our friendship will never die You're gonna see it's our destiny You've got a friend in me

Most Underrated Movie

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Treasure Planet