I could right like over 1000 Things that make me happy. I have so many things i am thankful for and in fact i am happy for everthing today.

If with ,things, are meant like objects i cant list up a lot..
because different situations are Special to me and These make me happy

For example:

1. When the sun is shining and everthing is just working out. No stress no mess and everyone around me is just happy. I like driving to places and just talk. Just with a bottle icetea and some nature.

2. Time at my Grandmas house. My Grandparents are so lovely. In this house is so much love and sooo much Food. I just feel good around them and spending a nice time with my Family means so much to me.

3. My Boyfriend is also a big Thing that makes me happy. I cant say a lot about it but thinking that it is just the perfekt Moment and Timing makes me happy every day again.

4. I also like crazy things i do with People i dont know that good but getting to know them better every day is also a good Feeling for me..

5. Also time i spent only with me can make me really happy. Things like singing out loud when im alone. Just the things everyone does can make me smiling and belivien that we have a great world.