Hi loves, im back with wenxing's profile aka cindy.

Some of the info i put in here is made up, so dont take it too seriously pls, this is just pure fun.

I added some extra stuff to the original canvas bc im hella extra, i hope you like it.

So without any further, lets begin

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// general

birth name: kong wenxing
stage name: cindy
hangul: 콩웬싱 / 신디
meaning: versatile and capable
nicknames: xing, lil mouse, monkey (bc she is super clingy)
birthday: may 24
liner: 97
zodiac: gemini
birth place: hong kong, china
nationality: chinese-korean
languages: chinese, korean and some english
sexuality: straight (but lgbtq supporter)
blood type: ab
fav color: yellow

// appearance

Image removed icons, korean, and ulzzang image girl and ulzzang image fashion, girl, and hair image

height: 154cm
weight: 44kg
eye color: dark browm
hair: medium brown
dyed: yellow blonde, mahogany, black
skin: ivory
body type: thin and slim

// style


Image by xxx fashion, outfit, and style image outfit, clothing, and goals image indie, aesthetic, and fashion image


black, purple, and aesthetic image fashion, red, and girl image fashion, chanel, and runway image fashion, chanel, and 90s image


fashion, fashionista, and minimalist image Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, fashion, and indie image Image by 𝒥𝓾𝓪


clothes, fashion, and girl image rainbow image fashion, girl, and 70s image clothes, kfashion, and korean image


fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed book, fashion, and girl image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image


fashion, outfit, and retro image fashion, girl, and kfashion image aesthetic, aesthetics, and clothes image fashion and aesthetic image

// group

group name: ʙʟᴠᴇ ʀᴏsᴇ (ʙʟᴠʀ)
fandom: keepers (as cindy one said « we are your garden and you are our keepers »
members: eight (age order)

ulzzang, asian, and korean image girl, hair, and korea image ulzzang, girl, and korean image icon, ulzzang, and korean image fashion, girl, and hair image girl, korean, and ulzzang image ulzzang, girl, and icon image girl, asian, and beautiful image
  • yang jiho 양지호 (jiho) 지호 // vocal, dancer, oldest // korean // 92 liner // october 10
  • kim mi-sook 김미숙 (misuk) 미숙 // vocal, visual // korean // 94 liner // may 8
  • park ha-rin 박하린 (harin) 하린 // leader, rapper // korean // 94 liner // october 25
  • im seon-ah 임선아 (sunah) 선아 // main dancer, rapper // korean // 95 liner // december 17
  • jo do-youn 조도연 (jojo) 조조 // main vocal, visual // korean // 96 liner // march 13
  • kang jessie 강제시 (jessie) 제시 // vocal, center, dancer // korean-american // 96 liner // august 12
  • kong wenxing 콩웬싱 (cindy) 신디 // main rapper, dancer // chinese-korean // 97 liner // may 24
  • jeon hyoun-joo 전현주 (hyunju) 현주 // vocal, visual, maknae // korean // 99 liner // july 2

training: started in 2010 (5 years) // she moved to korea with her mom bc she wanted to became an idol so with a lot of support and dedication she made her way to the training.
colors: black, dark blue, violet and silver
genre: r&b // pop (mix of bp, rv & g-idle)
concept: the duality between the impossible and unreacheable versus accomplishing the impossible, fighting all odds, and new beginnings.
agency: sm enterteinment
debut: june 10, 2015

// inner self


wallpaper, pink, and drama image mamamoo, wheein, and hwasa image jumping, pretty, and sunset image quotes and fierce image
  • drama queen
  • in need of affection
  • first to comfort her members
  • upbeat most of the time
  • lots of skinship
  • pout talking
  • cry baby
  • duality is her second name
  • super fierce when performs
  • dont mess with


city, dawn, and morning image white, aesthetic, and vintage image
  • sunrises
  • crafts
  • lemon ice cream
  • roller skating
  • animals
  • hair acc


cloud, clouds, and lighting image Image by 𝗹𝗶𝗮.
  • lightnings
  • alarm clocks
  • rudeness
  • mustard (the only yellow thing she doesnt like)
  • humidity
  • getting ignored


cheerful, smile, and sunflowers image childish, fashion, and hair image
  • bubbly
  • cheerful
  • loud
  • childish
  • impatient
  • dreamer


blanket, coca, and cola image girl, pickle, and female image
  • playing the guitar
  • very good at jump the rope
  • can eat a whole pickle in two bites
  • good listener
  • learns quick
  • actually good at cooking

favorite movie theme:

comedy, hollywood, and movie image quotes, lily collins, and to the bone image
  • comedy
  • drama

fav food:

stew and kimchi image food, pasta, and dinner image
  • kimchi
  • lasagna

fav drink:

banana, delicious, and fruit image fruit, food, and drink image
  • apple juice
  • mango drinks

life motto:

« there is no life without love »

instagram feed:

asia, asian, and duck image girl and ulzzang image funny, korea, and kpop image aesthetic, ulzzang, and kkmmmkk image ulzzang, kkmmmkk, and 강경민 image girl, friends, and beach image


amanda seyfried, film, and mood image meme, cat, and reaction image comedy, exposed, and funny image Image removed funny, lmao, and meme image Mature image

// relationships

close friends:

twice, kpop, and dahyun image exo, lq, and baekhyun image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image kpop, yuqi, and gidle image
  • kim da-hyun 김다현 (twice)
  • byun baek-hyun 변백현 (exo)
  • lalisa manoban 안녕하 (blackpink)
  • song yuqi 송우기 (g-idle)

bff of the group:

cute, ulzzanggirls, and @kkmmmkk image icon and theme image alternative, bff, and korea image fashion, girl, and icon image
harin (handy // cinha)


Image removed boy, asian, and asian boy image
  • jeon won-woo 전원우 (seventeen) // ex boyfriend // they both started to date secretly during 2016 but things got complicated between them, so they broke up that same year. they never became public, just family and close friends knew of their relationship.
  • park sang-min 박상민 (non idol) // boyfriend // they became friends like a year later when she moved to korea, they became close but he started to catch feelings for her, he wanted to tell her but was afraid and didnt want to rush things after her breakup. he finally open up about his feelings around july 2017 and she correspond him. they have been dating since then.


dog, fluffy, and pink image aesthetic, asian, and birthday image

•°.:   *.°: ~

I really hope you are enjoying this (: