~ Book review: The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry ~

“They’re like chocolate-chip cookies, though. Can’t have just one.” – Steve Berry, “The Romanov Prophecy”

Hello beautiful people!

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I had quite a hectic week, but I am not giving up! College is hard, but, as my father always says;

“It`s not smart people who finish college, but determined ones.”

And I intend to be very determined.

By the way, I hope y`all are doing well too.

So, I finished with the book in the last week of September.

But that doesn`t make this review any less valuable – I still feel as excited and emotional as I did when I closed it after reading the final page.

“He that endureth to the end shall be saved.”
– Steve Berry, The Romanov Prophecy

You must be wondering what it is about.

The story follows Atlanta lawyer Miles Lord – fluent in Russian, who was lucky enough to be in Moscow as the historical event is about to take place – the new tsar of Russia is about to be chosen.

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His job – to perform a background check on candidate favored by his boss, powerful shady businessman Taylor Hayes.
His job takes Miles all over Russia (and America later), after few failed attempts of his murder.

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Blind trust to one person threatens to get him in danger deeper with every step he takes, while the prophecy Rasputin wrote seems more and truer.
With only help from Russian circus performer, Akilina Petrova, who is sympathizing with him, will Miles still make it on time? Will they find the next tsar of Russia and stop corrupted ways of people who seem to be one step ahead of all the way? Will they get out of that mess alive?

The story is very fluent and the constant change of POV only exaggerate suspense.
I love the way the author combined the real historical events with his imagination and created a believable novel.

Descriptions of places – in present and past, characters you get easily attached to, and the mystery that is slowly revealing made this book one of my favourites.

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If you love thriller/suspense, „treasure-hunt“ type of stories, or you are attracted to the story because it centers around Russia – which attracted me in the first place – you won`t regret if you decide to read this book.

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So, that would be it!

I hope there are no too many spoilers – I tried my best to avoid them, and I hope I got you thinking about reading this book.

If someone read it, feel free to message me about how this book affected you.

“The people can be forced to fear, but not to love.” – Steve Berry, The Romanov Prophecy

`Til the next article,
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