Hey there, sweethearters!! 👋😄

Okay, alright, so I was feeling a bit like sharing with you guys this idea that came up to my mind... It's some sort of epiphany 😅

See, here's the thing, parents can make mistakes too. Actually, I know plenty of parents that have plenty of wrong ideas. And they are all so worried about us making the same mistakes as them and turning to the wrong path. It's very sweet that they worry so much, (that means they are indeed great parents), but sometimes their concern (as well meant as it is) is one of their biggest mistakes in parenting. This holding on so tightly can be easily translated as that they don't trust their own kids which, (and I'm talking for experience), leads the children to develop amazingly low self-confidence upon themselves as well as resentment to their parents.

Now, for both parents and their children out there, let me tell you this: Trust is an important factor when a person is growing up, and one never stops growing up. Not even when you're already a parent.

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I'm talking about the trust for others as well as the trust a person has upon him or herself. Trusting is a sign of love, respet, kindness and faith; some of the most important values in a family and in a whole life. And when a parent is always believing that their kid will inevitably mess up if he goes out to the world by his own or takes decisions by himself, they might be motivated by love but they are lacking all other values and love itself is not enough to sustain a whole relationship.

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My advice for all the parents out there is to look at their children. Take a good look at them. And see how much they have grown thanks to how much you taught them when they weren't able to learn by themselves.

When a baby is growing up, he looks to their mother and father to feel safe and to learn how the world is like. And it's the mother and father's job to protect the baby from all harm... but also to show the world to the baby, the good and the bad, for the baby to learn that he will grow to be safe in a world like this and join the rest of it in tons of new adventures.

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Parents, your kids are what they are today because of you... Most of it, at least. At the end of the day, people is always making decisions by their own and no one (not even their parents) can fully control that. But the sole fact that they are walking, that they know how to talk and read, it's all because you taught them that. As well, you taught them what's good and what's bad and you watched them grow up with the values you worked hard for them to learn, so don't you think that if you spent so much years teaching them those values (the values that you, yourselves, learned after a whole lifetime through happy and sad experiences) then they are able to difference what's wrong and what's right by themselves?

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The lessons that kids learn from their parents are always a fundamental factor when they are taking a decision. And especially important decisions like when they are choosing their career path or their own university. Sometimes their choices might differ from their parents but, in the end, they were all motivated by the same beliefs, so what's the point in trying to make them change those choices for them to exactly match your own?...


Alright, kids, now that I put your parents to think, let me give you a little piece of advice for yourselves. Some people have those kind of stubborn parents that don't really change their minds not even if their life depended on it! 😂 If you have one, then you'll know what I'm talking about. And sometimes it might seem like they don't trust us, at all... But here's the thing, at the end of the day, you guys know who you are, don't you? That for, you don't need other's beliefs about you to affect your true self and character. Who cares if someone, anybody, doesn't thinks about you as strong, brave or even trustworthy person? Those are traits that you have to search inside of you by your own, and figure out if you really have them or not.

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I admit that sometimes that can be a hard quest as our eyes are usually blindfolded with the outside opinion the ones around us hold upon ourselves, but it's not an impossible one. In fact, it gets way easier when you know where to look...

In headmaster Dumbledore's own words: "It is our choices that show what we truly are". And following that advice from my personal master, my very own piece of advice to you, young boys and girls, is to decide! 😄 And take a look at the decisions you have made so far in your life. They reveal the person who you truly are now, and you have to find out if they reflect the person whom you want to become.

If you don't like them, then make sure not to make choices like that in the future. Simple as that! And if you made those wrong decisions due to the influence of others, even if they were your own parents, remember that nobody can truly tell you what to do in your own life. And most importantly, you're nobody's follower, nor you'll ever be. You are you. Your own self, leader and companion. You're a person that has also lived a life filled with wonderful and sad moments that made you learn tons of lessons.

Focus on the lessons you have learned so far for determine your path from now on. You may not know everything about the world just yet but you know a good part of it, and you know enough for choosing for yourself what's wrong and what's right, what makes you happy and what doesn't. So stick to that, shall you?! 😉

Dumbledore would be proud! 😊

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Wow! That certainly took more than what I expected! I guess no one ever truly realizes how much they truly have to say until they start talking 😅 But, hey, at least everything I said was honest and correct, so I have no regrets at all! 😉

I hope my advices has been helpful to any parent or kid that is out there and that really needs it. For both of them, no one truly ever stops needing their family, especially their parents. So moms and dads, you don't have to worry about your baby abandoning you, and your baby doesn't have to worry about not needing you one day 😊

Guess that's all for now, guys. But don't you worry about that either, I'm planning on becoming very article active these next days! 😉

Bye!! Hugs and kisses!! 💋💋💕