Hello guys,how are you?

Well my schedule looks kinda good but same time really bad. I have mornings free, and I came home late in the evening. My classes are pretty ok, but sometimes I found myself needing help to keep up with everything in my life. This gave me the idea of this article, sohere you will found my app must haves.

I won't say anything about Facebook, IG, We and so on. Hope you will enjoy it!


1. If you want to stay fit but skip the gym and also laugh you butt off try Female Fitness-Women Workout (Leap Fitness Group). Why? Even if their english pronunciation is way below standars, their exercices are really good and working. Of course they are explained in words so if you don't understand a thing they say you can read. Still, if it is not an app with good english why do I recommend it? Repeat, it it working if used regularry and the way some words sounds makes you laugh and you will work out more just to be amused by the accent!

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2. Any girl should track her menstruation. For this I recommend Flo (Flo Health, Inc.). This is my choice and it did not failed me once. It gives you plenty of advices and has a lot of options to make it more accurate!

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3. Do you forget to drink water? You could use Water Drink (Leap Fitness Group). A nice and simple app wich can help you a lot!

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4. When you need to meditate or you need to calm down you could try Calm (Calm.com, Inc.)

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Should I even try to say it? 😂

1. Don't know a song and want to find it out? Just Shazam it!

2. Playlist? No problem for Spotify

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Picture Editing

So here I have my fav'

1. Lightroom - easy to use and great photos

2. Photo Editor by Aviary - way easyer but less options

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Instagram helpers

1. When you need to make some qoutes or make some original Insta qoutes you might want to use Canva

2. And also for cropping it will be helpfull Instaquiq

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Those are my saviors. Hope you enjoy it and also don't forget to check my last article below!

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