Here’s my list of five artists that you should try listening to if you’re a fan of Halsey, and a little bit about them.

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Artist One: Wild Painting

An indie band from Boston, MA with a female lead singer. Their music creates beautiful soundscapes with often melancholy vocals, quite reminiscent of Badlands.

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i wanted you to stay sometimes. | but for now let’s get away.

Artist Two: Sarah Close

Another female indie artist, from the Isle of Wight, England. Her creativity and alternative electronic take on pop music has the nostalgic feel of Room 93 track ‘Ghost’ and Badlands track ‘Colors’.

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you say, i never meant to do you wrong. | i said i’d catch you if you fall.

Artist Three: Phoebe Green

A female indie alternative artist from Manchester, England, with a very emotional debut album, 2AM. Her insightful lyrics inspire similar feelings to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tracks such as ‘Alone’ and ‘Sorry’.

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to be honest baby, you’re not my type of guy | a girl like me is new for you.

Artist Four: Caitlyn Scarlett

A pop singer from London who’s realistic take on ideas reminds me of Halsey tracks like ‘Control’.

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bad love isn’t better than none | i’m bad at love, you know.

Artist Five: Zolita

An alternative artist from New York, and proud LGBTQ+ icon, her determination to create a safe space in music for the queer community is a beautiful continuation of the work other LGBTQ+ icons such as Halsey promote.

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you’re my queen in my dreams | got a girl with california eyes.