Hi everyone!
today I want show you my top four tv series.
I mostly watch them on the netflix platform even though when I started to get excited about them I watched them streaming on online sites.
The first one and my absolute favorite is
Pretty Little Liars.

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It is a series of seven seasons, one more beautiful and intriguing than the other. I madly loved the character of Spencer and also that of Aria.
Spencer is an enterprising and determined character to achieve his goals, Aria is brave and loves madly and is not afraid to show her weaknesses.
They are my two favorite characters because I reflect in both their personalities.

The second series that entered my heart is Riverdale, it has similarities with pretty little liars, because here, too, everything revolves around the mysteries of the city where people live.

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The character that impressed me most was Cheryl Blossom, played by Madelaine Petsch.
She shows a strong and hard soul in the series, but inside her there is a tender and fragile side

The third series that I want to show you is The secret life of the american teenager, I'm only at the second season but I really like this romance series!

Shailene Woodley and love image adrian, daren kagasoff, and jack image

The last one that I want to suggest you is Grey's Anatomy
I am not a susceptible person and as I said before I love stories. Grey's Anatomy is interesting from every point of view.
Here I come to tell you my favorite couples, because there are so many.

Greys, patrick dempsey, and tv shows image Greys, justin chambers, and tv shows image otp, grey's, and slexie image serie, medicina, and greys anatomy image
Derek & Meredith, Lexie & Mark and Karev & Jo.

I hope you like this article and, if you want, tell me with a private message which are your three favorite TV series and why you love them.
See you soon in the next Articles
Xoxo G.