We all have lists of movies we watch since we are children.
These are the movies I love to watch during fall (and I only watch them during this period so that I never feel done watching them)
If you are searching for horror movies, this list is not made for you.


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The Addam's Family (both movies)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Tower of Terror

autumn, nature, and fall image autumn, fall, and architecture image


et and movie image E.T, film, and movie image

Corpse Bride

aesthetic, animated, and movie image aesthetic, animated, and emily image

The Nightmare before Christmas

sally image jack, movie, and nightmare image

Hocus Pocus

hocus pocus, morning, and funny image hocus pocus, hell, and movie image

Mickey's House of Villains

aesthetic, black and white, and mickey image disney and villain image

Harry Potter (all of them...)

harry potter, hermione, and hermione granger image harry potter, train, and hogwarts image
(the 4th one is my favorite one actually ^^)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Image by S. P. C. T johnny depp, Willy Wonka, and charlie and the chocolate factory image


Ghostbusters image Ghostbusters, gif, and dan ackroyd image
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