Our NYC trip was cut short. I asked Matilda to poof me to Vanessa's room. She has so much art that I don't want to be thrown out. Her dad was kind enough to let me in. He's distraught. I'm not doing too well myself. Vanessa is the only person who understood me. I'll miss her so much. She kept all of her artwork in her closet. Each separate bin was dedicated to each of us. We really inspired her work. I took out all of the bins and started looking through the art.

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River inspired

She even used my least favorite books to make the art. I'll miss her art, too.

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Magda inspired

That's me. I smiled while crying.

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Image by Lika Qorqashvili
Leighton inspired
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Raven + David inspired
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Marnie + Yoshi inspired

Before Yoshi got tatted.

Raine! I wonder if she knows...I wonder if she cares...I wonder if I'll ever see her again.

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Raine inspired
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Raine inspired
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Raine inspired

I dropped the art back in the bin and laid on my back on her bedroom floor. Her room still smells like her perfume. I sighed and closed my eyes. Why'd she have to be taken away? Why does Cora and her clan have to torture us?