Hey guys!

I was thinking about my life in the last few days very much (more than normally).
It's been 2 (almost 3) years ago since I had my first (and last) boyfriend. At first I liked the time as a single, but now, almost all of my friends have a bf at the moment.

A lot of bad stuff happened this year, and after that, I planned to change my life, and it actually worked, but my plan for my new, better life was to have a boyfriend, too.

You know, I had a lot pain because of my illness, I had (and have) a lot of stress because of it, I barely had contact to people in my age because I broke up the last school year because I was in hospital, and some friends didn't stay by my side because they thought my illness is funny or a joke.

So after this trouble, I wished for someone who understands me, who likes my body, even if I have a lot of scars because of surgeries, and shows me how to love myself again. When I think about that, it feels like I'm like a naive little girl who believes in fairytales.

I realized that I am the most important person in my own life, I can make a change, I can learn to love myself after this shit again, nobody can show me this, I think some things we have to teach ourselves alone.

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Never think that just a boy- or girlfriend can make your life perfect, try to make your life perfect by yourself. Please don't get depressive or sad because you're the only one in class who is single or a virgin or whatever.

That's the next thing I want to talk about. I feel like that some girls have Sex because they feel like they need to have it because everyone else had it, too.

Please don't do that. When you have your first time, it should be with someone you really love and who you can trust, and when both of you feeling ready because they love each other so much that they want to share they're bodies with the other person. That's something beautiful. Don't do it because your boy- or girlfriend says that s/he will broke up with you when you don't want to have sex, then s/hes a big asshole. Don't have it because you're scared you're too late because all the other girls already slept with someone. I personally think, that when you have sex with someone you don't really love, it might hurt or you are after it scared of it. So don't do it.
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We are all young, we have our whole life before us, some things takes time. And things, that takes a lot of time, are often the things we appreciate the most. So just live your life like you want, don't stress too much about having a relationship, don't stress too much about sleeping with someone or whatever, just be happy, things will be work out right, for all of us.

We are the writers of our own story, so write the story about YOU and not about your crush or your not-existing boy- or girlfriend!

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I felt like I needed to write about that, as I said in the beginning, I'm thinking a lot about my life at the moment, that's why I wrote yesterday and today some new real talk articles. It helps me to write about that, and maybe my articles helps you, too.
When you want to talk about something, I'm always here for you guys, so write me.

Thanks for reading this article, it means so much too me when I see, that people like my stuff, writing articles helps me so much!

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Hope you have a nice week!