Overthinking is maybe what takes the sleep away to much of us, at least with me it happens like that.
We think every single step of our day, what we did and what we said and then we think: “Maybe I shouldn’t had said that!”, “Maybe they thought that I was saying in a bad way!”, “Maybe they got mad at me”,… and this infinity of “maybes” keep forming in our mind and we can’t turn them off and close our eyes.
The big doubt is that this overthinking is bad or good for us. Probably bad, because I never heard someone saying that lack of sleep was good for you.
It is a good evolution or a bad evolution, that make us weak, in agreement with the Theory of Darwin? Do we need to “eat and decompose” every single thought about our day, like Darwin ate every single new specie that he found?
Maybe this overthinking make us be more correct with the other people and with different situations that we live. It make us put more effort to understand the others position and make us have more humanity.
But understand the others position doesn’t make us suffer more? Because if you understand them, we also can understand and feel the pain that the other is feeling too.
So it’s like a trigger of pain that it’s impossible of shutting down and the more times that you try to shut it down, the more stronger seems to became.
This art of overthinking maybe it is a art that is condemned to failure and nothing more, but when you have it it drives you a little big insane.

by Carina Queirós