There is the bus window which you try to rest your head against on the way home. It isn´t really relaxing because the road makes the windows vibrate.
There is the nice girl next to you that stops talking. Now you can finally look outside.
There are the hills that are yellow, orange, ocher in an October sun.
There are lakes that are also ocher - reflection.
There is a realization. There is no time. There is CO2.
There is a first tear and then the rest and there are wet cheeks, snot. There is anger, impotence. We are destroying this. Destroy destroy destroy.
There was coral, Elfstedentochten.
There was Charles David Keeling and in 1960 the first Keeling curve.
There is shell, there is Trump, there is no VAT on airline tickets.
There is your brother who says that eating meat belongs to being a man.
There is a moment when everything is clear: what I am crying for is what I want to fight for is what I live for.

- Fenna van der Ploeg