It's okay to take some time off.
Off of social media or your phone.

Off of your friends or even family.

Make that bubble bath and soak yourself in.

bath, candle, and cozy image

Exfoliate and moisturise your skin. Play some relaxing music.

Sing and dance to your favourite songs or simply lay in bed whilst reading a book or simply do nothing. Do what you feel like, not what you must or need to do.

book, coffee, and study image

Go out for a walk and spend time in nature. Now you could be taking nice photos or just sunbathing in vitamin D.

flowers, aesthetic, and yellow image

It's raining? Get wet. Go dance in the rain. You only live once so why not do it?

city, rain, and gif image

Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and relax for a while.
You deserve it.

Hope you're all doing well and are happy with your current state. And if not, I hope it gets better.
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