Raven walked in with Sydney and I could tell something bad had happened. I was afraid to ask what happened. "Vanessa was killed," Raven said. I stared at her, stunned by the news. "Killed?...By who?....When?...Omg....," I said. I couldn't believe this. I had so many many feelings. "I'm guessing Cora's crew. Someone texted Sam and made it a game to find her. The good part is it wasn't too gruesome...Matilda said she passed quickly," she explained. Raven's not the warmest person. She didn't seem to be affected by this at all. I don't know if she was hiding it, but I sure wasn't about to. My eyes welled up with tears. Vanessa was the sweetest. Cole ran over and wrapped me in his arms. What's going on?" Tatum asked upon entering the living room. "Vanessa's gone," I blurted out. It felt like a cruel joke. I thought this was done. I thought they finally moved on from targeting us and our loved ones. "," I heard River say. "How'd she go?" Camille asked. I glared at her through my tears. I hugged Cole and cried some more. This is the worst day ever.