Hi people!!! My name is Ana and I am from spain, the fact is that i'm learning english and I thought that a great way to start would be making two of the things that i most love in the world: Write and tell my life.
I obviously going to have a lot of mistakes at the start, but if you don't try it's impossible to win. I just hope have a good time writting and learn, learn and learn. If you see misspellings just said me, I am not trying to be perfect i am trying to improve. So, next i am going to tell you some things about myself.

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As i've said before my name is Ana and i'm from Spain. I'm still in school and i am shy, kind, sensitive and sympathetic. I don't have a lot of friends but i love them. My favourite colour is green, i have two older brothers, two cats and a dog. I live in a house in the countryside and despite what it's believed where i live it rains a lot. Well in fact I love the rain, i think it strengthens my creativity. I play the guitar and I have two blogs with my own texts, i also compose my songs. I love make presents and i'm a completly harry potter fan. Nothing is more important to me than harry potter (that's a joke, but like all the jokes have a part of true) so i can't say nothing better of me and that's why i'm going to stop here.

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That's a littel bit about me. If you want to know more you will just have to wait a few days.

See you, Anna On-line