Day 22: Write about a first time

I know I have written about My Warped Tour experience, but I also know that I did not finish the story. I only told about the concerts and all of the good things, but I did not share the dark side of my experience. So today, for a my first time, I will tell the whole story.

I have wanted to go to Warped Tour for a long while now. In fact, 2013, the year I found many of my now favorite bands and the year I almost lied to my mother in order to go, was the lineup of my dreams. All of my favorite bands at the time were there and most of the bands I like now I found through the lineup that year.

Actually, side story, my friends were always into the harder bands where I was still a soft flower in 2013, so I was looking at the lineup and looking up some of the bands. I found a picture of one of the bands, there were six or so of them, they were all guys, and they were all wearing suits. I have a weakness for guys in suits. So, I looked them up and fell in love with their music and still remember my friend at the time telling me that I had done a good job. Anyways, they were Crown the Empire and I actually saw them this year, so that makes that side story relevant.

Anyways, I finally got to go this past year, thankfully as it was the last year. So, me and my roommate best friend decided to go to the Nashville show. Luckily, her brother lives up there so we had a place to stay, but neither of us have a car or drive so we took a Megabus three hours up there. So we went up there a day before and just hung out with her brother ( we watched hulu on his tv all night).

Then the time had arrived. It was the next day and we were on the way. Everything was going fantastic. We got in fast, we got around quickly, and we got pretty close to the front of the first band we saw. It was hot though and I hate crowds, but I thought it was a great idea to go. So it started with We The Kings, and then we bought some merch, and then we went to Mayday Parade, quickly followed by me running across the racetrack to see Crown the Empire. It was all going so well and I was so excited to be there.

Then we had about an hour of downtime before we saw Falling in Reverse. We thought it was a great idea to see the band that played before them so that we could be front row; however, we were not the only ones with that idea. As soon as the band before them finished and left the stage, everyone moved up, and I was now being stepped on. I was front row, but I was being stood on and I was being made to stand on someone else.

Not to mention, the girl I was being smooshed up to was being so annoying and disrespectful. For those of you that haven't been to Warped Tour, let me paint you a picture.

I was standing in front of Journey's Left Foot Stage and right next to it was Journey's Right Foot Stage. The bands play 30 minute intervals and alternate stages. For example: 'The Wild Life' played for 30 minutes on Left Stage while they set up for the band (Idk which one imma use a random one) 'Citizen' on Right Stage. Then after 'The Wild Life' plays 'Citizen' plays for 30 minutes on Left Stage, and visa versa. So, we were standing, smooshed, at Left Stage for 30 minutes before 'Falling in REverse' started, and the whole time, the girl in front of me was yelling at the people setting up the stage, she was yelling at the top of her lungs lyrics to another song that was interrupting the band on Right stage, and she kept swinging her hair and hitting me in the face with it... without caring. As a side note, when you stand in a crowd of hundreds of people it gets hot, carbon dioxide starts spreading, and for me, panic starts to set in. It had been not even 30 minutes, and I was ready to tap out.

I was hot. I was so hot that I was dripping sweat from all of my pores. I don't sweat, like I just don't. But this day, I remember feeling sweat STREAM down my thighs.

I was getting angry. This girl was making most of the crowd irritable and we told her that and she insisted on it. She continued yelling and jumping and being disrespectful.

Then, when I think it cannot get any worse because I had finally gotten a bit away from the girl, it starts raining. It started raining, and they were not small rain drops. THEY WERE MASSIVE! So then, the two girls that were now in front of me, thought it was a good idea to put a poncho over the both of their heads... seems cool. Until you realize the drops will bounce off and into the eyes of the person behind you. Yeah. So now I was being hit with wet hair, listening to the girl yell about the rain, and getting hit in the eyes with raindrops bouncing off of people, but I still had like 10 minutes to wait.

This was about the time that the air became very thick. Now that it had rained, the ground was steaming and it was getting even more humid than it had been. So I was now having to breathe while looking to the sky. I was having to tip my head back just to get some oxygen. This is when it started to get really bad.

Not only had I been irritable or wet or tired of being stepped on, but now I was feeling light headed from the lack of oxygen and people around me were starting to notice; however, the time had come. It was finally time for Falling in Reverse to play, and for a brief moment, everything was fine. Until I got kicked in the head from one crowd surfer while trying to catch another.

Maybe I am just not cut out for front rows, but I went to listen to the music and see the people I consider idols perform them. This was not what I had wanted. I tried so hard to enjoy it because it was absolutely amazing. Ronnie Radke puts on a fantastic show, but it had been 20 minutes and I was considering leaving.

To make a long story short, I did last the whole of the show, but I had to make my exit in the middle of the last song because I was on the brink of a panic attack. We ended up leaving early, all though we had seen all of the bands we went for, and went back to her brother's apartment. We showered, I had a come apart in the shower, and then we watched some Hulu and then I proceeded to take a seven hour nap due to the anxiety I was feeling.

So yeah... that is basically it. I feel like I should not have gone, or have better prepared myself for it because I knew it would happen. I know myself well enough to know that, but I wanted to go so bad, and because of all of that, I missed a Crown the Empire signing and I want to die. If I could go back in time, I would only chose to go back to this day and fix it. Do something different. To maybe not go front row and to meet my idols. If only life were that easy.

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