.cro - germany

his rap is usually quite soft and calming

rec :
10419 // oneway // traum

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and no matter how loud i shout, she won’t hear me // but she’s somewhere rn

.lomepal - france

just to chill (plus his mv are amaaaazing!)

tout lâcher // palpal // club

vintage and music image aesthetic, fashion, and converse image
one foot in the flames, the other in the ice // seduced by extremes i found my place

.loud - canada

he’s mixing french & english the result is 👌

nouveaux riches // hell, what a view
// toutes les femmes savent danser

Image removed
i keep it moving i don’t read gossip // already read your future, you’re stuck in the past

.agust d - korea

the lyrics!!!!!! and that’s super deep i love him

tony montana // agust d
the last (look up the lyrics are amazing)

boy, water, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i know it’s pathetic to not have something as common as a dream // the only one there with me is me

.roméo elvis - brussels

some really good musics!!

drôle de question // bruxelles arrive // ma tête

indie, stars, and grunge image
when i kiss you it’s like... kinda a sophisticated dolphin (lmao he has weird lyrics but i love him)

if you got some time, go check them out, they're worth it!
take care, love you >3

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