Hello hearters! Hope you want to get to know me so if you do read this article :)


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I can describe my style as a mix of vintage and grunge and sometimes a little baddie.It actually depends on my mood.


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As a leo woman I sometimes might be egoist.But mostly I try to be as kind as I can.Self love and confidence are one of the most important things for me.I want people around me to be loyal and honest just like I am.The thing I don't like about my personality is that I usually overthink.


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My hair is black&grey ombre with a long bob style.My eyes are little dark brown eyes with short lashes.


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I am studying in a university so my lifestyle consists of studying and doing student stuff.In my free time I usually read books,listen to music,watch Netflix just like other people do.I also looovveeee spending time with my friends.


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Well,first I want to graduate from university and then travel the world.I've always wanted to write a book so I may call it my goal too.

Thanks for reading everyone,I love you :)