Halloween is approaching, so I thought it would be a perfect time to write an article about some good costume ideas!

1) Witch

A witch is a solid outfit because you don't really have to try very hard to fit the aesthetic. You don't need to wear a cape, a pointy hat and a ripped dress to fulfill this costume.

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2) Corpse Bride

This one is fun, because it gives you an excuse to wear a fancy or fun dress, as well as staying a bit warmer if you're out at night. This one requires a bit more dressing up and make up though, so be warned.

skull, dark, and witch image baby blue, blue, and cinderella image Mature image black, creepy, and ghost image black, makeup, and true love image creepy, dress, and skull image

3) Space Angel

This just gives you an excuse to bring out the glitter, the shine, the holo. You can go mad with the make up too!

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4) Mermaid

This one is good if you've got lots of blue/green shimmery things, or anything that's a bit scaly in its pattern or texture. Also fun to wear your hair down and wavy.

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5) Garden

I know this sounds like a weird one, but if you own any florals or jungle patterened etc print, this is a great outfit for making use of something you might already own.

Image removed clothes, designer, and flowers image fashion, style, and green image flowers and fashion image etsy, stud earrings, and leafs image girl, beautiful, and green image

6) Fairy

A nice way to wear lighter or airier clothes, as well as go a bit mad with your make up. Can either go for pastels and sequins, or go for blacks and gauzey fabrics for a dark fairy look.

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7) Hippie

You probably already own something a bit hippie, like a lacy top, some boho earrings, something with feathers. Add a headband and some Lennon glasses and your look is complete!

high wasted shorts, cute, and lacy top image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and summer image glasses, gold, and korean image bohemian, boho, and chic image etsy, feather earrings, and feather jewelry image

8) Scarecrow

This takes nothing more than a flannel shirt and some dungarees. You can even step out of the box and wear another type of top. I like to jazz up a classic dungaree look with a cropped top underneath to show a bit of skin.

chic, cool, and cowboy boots image dungarees, casual, and patches image girl, fashion, and style image dungarees, casual, and denim image blonde, brunette, and dirty blonde image country, dreaming, and farm image

Hope you enjoyed!