Hello students in WHI❣

❧ After a long time of improving my After School Routine I decided to share it with you and help to be even more productive after school time. I've ritten many articles about school tips and advice but you have to be even more productive in your afternoons after school. I usually make my articles a little too long but I don't want to miss a thing... So let me introduce to you my After School Routine:

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① Go straight home ❁

Your time is limited don't waste it! Go straight home when you finish school, don't wander around you can go out with friends when you finish your job. This way you will have more time to do more things, to be more productive and to rest more ❣ You can chill and rest in the bus or train if you travel like me.
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Search some funny pictures on WHI for example

② Go for a healthy lunch or a fast workout ❁

Healthy lunch will help you gain more energy and feel refreshed. Other thing which will make you feel refreshed and will help you de-stress is a fast workout. Healthy life style imrpoves your concentration while studying so don't miss a chance to like healthier. Don't forget some chocolate to improve your brain function❣
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③ Rest a little more ❁

You can rest some more while searching for the motivation you need to get your work done or you can clean your study place if you need to. Prepare the things you'll need today or just plan your left time. Or if you like helping others and want to improve your knowledge while resting just go for the #LanguageExchange or #SharingKnowledge projects. Great ideas for learning while resting on the phone.This rest should be less than one hour so you can start ASAP with your studying.
I run this project so if you want to know more check it after this article
Check it if you're interest in learning a new language or can help someone with learning

④ Start Studying hard ❁

Start studying without a distraction. Focus your all energy into studying more for less time. Use all of your motivation and turn it into determination. Because we all can get a motivation for 15 minutes but determination is for a life time ❣
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⑤ When you're done do what makes you happy ❁

After I finish studying I usually play some "League of Legends" or scroll through WHI untill I go to sleep. I just love writing articles even though the past few months I stopped using We Heart It this much I plan investing more time here by the #SharingKnowledge project.

⑥ Spend time with your familly and friends ❁

There is nothing better than spending the rest of the day with your loved ones. I usually count that to the things that makes me happy but I guess some of you still need a reminder to spend time with your family. Don't take them for granted and show them your love and affection❣
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⑦ Healthy dinner ❁

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⑧ Wash your teeth and face ❁

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⑨ Make a plan for tomorrow ❁

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⑩ Get enough sleep ❁

It's really important for your productivity and brain.
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Follow a routine if you don't want to sleep like this or to not sleep at all❣

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❧ Тhank you for reading my article ❣ I hope my routine will help you make your own and have a more productive afternoon. In my article I said about the #SharingKnowledge project. If you're interested in knowing more, helping others, need help or just want to help me with making it popular check my articles and message me what you think:

❧ Have a nice day/night ❣