Ways of living who made me living life fully <3

It is only human to make mistakes
Learn how to accept them and turn it into a lesson you will get out better from.

Never excuse yourself
In some cases it should be done in case of misunderstandings, but never feel to excuse yourself for what you are feeling.

It is our own responsibility to do well
No one has the right to make you feel down, I am holy and I am good enough. If you care about what others think of you, we have to go into ourselves. I'm in charge of dealing with this.

Don't think of what can't be done
Live in the moment and make the most of it. Didnt the situation turn out as you wanted right now, or do you have something in wait ? Prioritize something else beautiful to do in the meantime. That is such a great thing to do.

Know your limits
It will be shown out of you what you expect from other and how you make life better for yourself. By having self-knowledge and self-respect this way, you also drag good people towards you

Have good intentions
You go far by being kind. Misunderstandings are common these days, have good thoughts
In situations were it's difficult to speak, be open and careful. Approach more knowledge, which makes it easier to find a conversation topic. Trust yourself!

Be grateful for what you have, always

Work for what you want
You are showing yourself as a strong being with hopes and goals, both for yourself and to the world. The very most important of it all; do it for yourself. How can you love and admire someone else, if you can’t do the same for yourself? I often found myself admiring different types of girls. The girls I admire isn’t the ones with the prettiest face or the fittest body, but the ones who enjoys the smallest things and do their best for a better world, which is also my goal.

A healthy life
Keep eyecontact
Learn something new to increase your sense of achievement
Hold a good positure
Dance, move yourself – By streaching yourself and opening up the body it can make a illution for confidence
Talk from the stomach, not the throat / chest - speak clearly and be clear
Stay hydrated
Eat enough food, and balanced food
Do something everything that makes yourself happy and someone else happy
Be happy for unexpected sunshine
Get enough sleep
Move yourself, at least 30 minutes a day
Talk to others
Enjoy silence and your own company
Plan your week and meals, less stress
Do what makes you happy
Pray, it makes you stronger
Smile, it makes you look better
Love, you will enjoy life more