Heyy , this is my first article and this is about a very cool subject so keep reading !
If you want to take part in this book exchange you have to follow some very simple rules ..

The next rules has been written by :
(go and see her account!)

The rules

#1. It would be nice if you'd send this article about the exchange further because that way we'll find the next participants.

#2. You only need to send ONE book you love to the adress I'll send you when you send me a message (or when you comment on this article) that you'd like to participate.

PLEASE DO write your name and a message on the inside of the book (nothing dirty), so people know who and where their book is from. The book doesn't have to be a collectors item or completely new, it can be as old as you want, just as long as it's in english (it would be nice if we could actually read it ofcourse :p)

#3. Finally send this message to the people who commented on YOUR status, and give them MY address (MY name will then be replace the name in #2). Please send me a message and I'll send it to you.

#4. Then those who comment on your friend's status will send you books too, and that is how it all works!

So don't hesitate to take part in it : you are not going to regret it ! (books are life we 're not gonna lie)

PS: sorry for the English mistakes but I'm French...

hope you like it !