It feels like yesterday it was January 1st and now we are more than half-way through the year. In fact, we are 3/4 through the year which means there are only three months left of 2018. If you want to nail the new year and be the best YOU that you can be in 2019, just keep reading.

It is the last quarter of the year and sometimes we can feel demotivated and all we can think about is that 2019 is just around the corner. In this ‘demotivating’ time period, I was inspired to write this blog post and share three things you should improve in your life right now. You cannot wake up on January 1st 2019 and be a completely different person, with different habits and a different perspective on life. These things take time and if you do want this next year to truly be your year, now is the time to start acting upon that.

#1 Mental Health
I think that being in a healthy state of mind is the key to achieving your goals. It is not easy to get out of your negative or unhealthy headspace, which means it is 10 times more important that you start working on it right now. Start putting in the work and by the end of the year, you will feel like a new person. If you know you have people in your life that make you unhappy, cut them out. There is no need for drama, just keep your distance and you will slowly drift away. Oh and drama? Cut that out of your life too. If you are struggling with a mental disorder, this is the time to get the appropriate help. Whatever the ‘problem’ is, there is a way around it! If you know you are a very negative person from your nature, there are sooo many books to read to help you transition into a more positive mindset. If you have something happening in your life that brings you down, makes you unhappy or causes you to stress, like an unhealthy relationship or a misunderstanding, talk about and get it over and done with. Leave the past in the best and start off the new year right. If you have other things in your life that worry you, that are not as easy to ‘fix’, then learn how to deal with them. Start talking, get things out of your chest and be open to new ideas in order to find a way to face any issue without letting it take over your life.

#2 Physical Health
I would guess that around 90% of the population that sets new year’s resolutions, aims to work out and start eating healthy. Even though some of those people, wake up on the 1st of January, jump on the #healthylifestyle wagon and start living their #fit life, it does not work this way for most of us. If you do want to start living a better and healthier life, now is the time to start making changes, no matter if they are big or small. Start working out even if it is just once per week, and you will slowly build it up over time. If you know your diet is really bad, start from today and cut out all the alcohol and sugary drinks. Start having breakfast, and stop eating dinner at 10 p.m. Make an effort to eat at least 1 fruit per day and start adding more veggies into your diet, even if it means having a side of baby carrots with your microwave lunch (NOT ideal but it is a start). You cannot go from 0 workouts per week to working out every single day. So unrealistic and actually pretty unhealthy as well, because this way you will burn yourself out and will probably quit after a few months. The same goes with eating healthy! You cannot go from McDonald’s and KFC to boiled veggies and lean chicken breast and expect that you will actually be able to stick to this diet. If you take baby steps, however, you will get into this the right way and you will have a lot more chances of actually sticking to your new, healthy lifestyle.

#3 Time Managment
I feel like so many people struggle with this topic and it is so important for all aspects of our lives. We all have responsibilities, work to get done, things to do, places to go… however, it is up to us to manage our time and priorities. You have to find time in your day to get your work done, cook yourself a healthy meal, go work out, take a nap, watch your favourite series and FaceTime your bestie. One day has a lot more time than we think, and it all depends on how we choose to use it. If time management is not your strong point, I would strongly suggest that you go out and buy a planner and write down every single thing that you have/want to do every day. Write down what days you are working out when you are going out with your friends, when you are running errands or when you are staying home and having time to yourself. If you feel like you do not have enough time in the day to do all the things you want to do, try waking up earlier and getting some things done in the morning. If you are still running out of time, you have to sit down, go over your daily schedule and see what things can be moved around and do not be afraid to actually let some things go. You to create a balance between the things you absolutely must get done in a day and the things you would like to get done. P.s. do not be afraid to let things go and admit that you cannot do everything.

I really really hope that you have found this post helpful. I am all about setting new year’s resolutions, starting fresh, setting goals and working towards them. I did not mean to discourage anyone from doing that. What I hope I have achieved is that I have motivated you to start working on those goals sooner rather than later. You should improve these areas of your life by the end of 2018 so that you can have a more successful 2019!