here's a mixed-genre playlist with summer vibes.
for the full playlist see below.

1. surfin' usa | the beach boys
pink, surf, and summer image beach, ocean, and nature image
we can't wait for june, we'll all be gone for the summer
2. ain't nobody | felix jaehn & jasmine thompson
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by sündos
happened so naturally i did not know it was love
3. shape of you | ed sheeran
girl, aesthetic, and hair image pineapple, fruit, and summer image
girl, you know I want your love
4. roses | the chainsmokers & rozes
Image removed summer, aesthetic, and mermaid image
deep in my bones i can feel you
5. lollipop | mika
drink, summer, and Aloha image fruit, food, and peach image
oh bad girls get you down
6. blue eyes | mika
wallpaper, sea, and stars image sky, wallpaper, and summer image
i'm talkin' bout blue eyes
7. free | brisa fenoy
hair, beach, and summer image landscape, sea, and nature image
baby, yo soy free, estoy lista para mí
8. me pelea | dellafuente
camel, desert, and nature image food, coffee, and wine image
tengo muchas ganas de ahogarme en tu marea
9. white jeans | sales
summer, ocean, and sea image summer, hammock, and relax image
i can feel your heat coming to me, coming to me in waves
10. caída libre | zahara
vogue, city, and edit image Temporarily removed
bailarás, mi rubia, para mí
11. chasing fire - lauv
beach, summer, and nature image food, fruit, and pineapple image
i wanna feel you, really feel you
12. te quiero un poco | carlos sadness
Image removed Image removed
quiero conocer tu cosmos, tu filosofía básica
13. bikini | carlos sadness
photography, summer, and tumblr image ocean, sea, and water image
te vi nadando en mi piña colada como si fuera el mar
14. trivia: seesaw | bts
beautiful, burn, and nature image summer, surf, and beach image
this seesaw is dangerous, stop thinking about me
15. u & me | hyuna
beach, girl, and long image bright yellow, dusk, and dusty image
nothing can be sweeter than this
16. we belong together | myzica
Image removed theme and aesthetic image
baby, I can tell that we belong together
17. I love you always forever | betty who
summer, vacation, and beach image Image removed
you've got the most unbelievable blue eyes i've ever seen
18. inside out | camila cabello
Inspiring Image on We Heart It love, couple, and rings image
i wanna love you inside out
19. curious | hayley kiyoko
drinks and mojito image amazing, beautiful, and green image
i'm just curious, is it serious?
20. girls girls | icona pop
girl, sunset, and aesthetic image peach, fruit, and aesthetic image
girls, girls, wanna feel it
21. then we kiss | icona pop
travel, city, and sunset image couple, travel, and venice image
to your lips then my lips to your hips
22. on your side | the veronicas
friend, amiche, and amicizia image summer, beach, and palms image
through all the hard times, I'm on your side
23. daisy | zedd
photography, summer, and vogue image brown, sand, and sea image
daisy, don't you know that you're amazing?
24. beautiful now | zedd & jon bellion
Temporarily removed beach, pizza, and sea image
but baby, tonight, we're beautiful now
25. best of me | john.k
gold, jewelry, and aesthetic image earring, pearl, and oyster image
what I found in you is so real

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