Hello students in WHI ❣

➳ After I sarted the #SharingKnowledge project I didn't recieved any messages for help or oppinion about it.. I was kind of dissapointed, but I decided to not give up yet on it. In order to populate my project and help more people with studying I'm writing this article.

① Make internet friends ✍

Wouldn't it be good if we make study buddies on the internet?

In my oppinion it'll be really nice. It's one pretty good advantage despite the fact you get help with school.

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② Improving yourself while helping others ✍

Helping others with the subject you're got at is great exercise for you. You improve your knowledge and help someone else to learn something new. Isn't that an advantage? + You'll have to help others in English so you will improve your English too❣

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③ Using your time on the internet to make something useful ✍

We all take our breaks on the internet. Chatting, playing or just scrolling though the news feed. And most of the time we just lose our time with this. In this way you will use your time on the net for something useful. To help others, to improve yourself, to make new friends and to find an inspiration and motivation you need to continue with studying.

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➳ Thank you for reading my article ❣ I will be really happy if you help me with my project. I want to make something good with my presence here.

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I can help with Biology and Chemistry if somebody needs help I want nothing in return, just help someone next time ✍ ❣ If you need help with something, you like the idea or can help someone just text me or write an article with #SharingKnowledge and make sure to give credit for the idea ❣

➳ Have a great day/night ❣

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