Cold rain or heavy fog?

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Maybe...rain. But I like foggy weather too so... Can I say...Both? Because I like the rain smell and the sound of it but I like fog too. (Sorry for my English I am Hungarian)

What three things do you love in this season?

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I love that I can wear jeans agan. I love that this time everything is soooo colorfull. And I love that foods we can eat in Autumn.

What is your favourite fall color?

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Yellow and red.

Autumn or winter?

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Coffee or hot chocolate?

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Hot chocolate. (so much)

Have you ever tried pumpkin carving?

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Yes. And I love it! But it was so hard because the pumpcin is so horny. And the inside of it is quite weird. But I say you need to try it once in a life.

What is your favourite movie in autumn?

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Harry Potter and Coco (if you don't seen this movie go NOW and see it because it's so cute.) And the best is Hotel Transylvania. Best fall movies ever!

What is the best way to enjoy rain in fall season?

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Tea,some candle and a movie.

What tipe of music do you hear in fall?

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Sorry but I listen the same song like summer or winter. Like: Nicki Minaj,Selena Gomez,Ed Sheeran, or what I found on TV or on Youtube and I like.

Apple pie or Pumpkin pie?

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I love apple pie more.

Wich lipstick color do you love in the fall season?

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Put that red lipstick on!

Share your favorite quote related to autumn.

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Fairy lights or candles?

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Which place you wish to visit in the fall season?

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I would love to visit every castle and forest I can.

What do you feel at the end of the fall season?

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I can't wait to see movies like Frozen but I don't really like the cold weather so... I don't really know.

That was my fall tag. I really hope that you enjoy it and sorry for my English. I am Hungarian but I hope that i put you in a good mood with this article.
Have a good day/night!