Not like anybody cares about my music taste, but I just wanted to list them all in one place (in no particular order). If you like any of these artists (especially the not-so-popular ones), AWESOME you can drop me a line telling me which is your favorite song.

1. Hollywood Undead
Fave songs: Live Forever ; Bottle and a Gun ; N5 ; The Loss ; Everywhere I Go ; Levitate ; Bullet (naturally)

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2. Set It Off
Fave songs: Wolf In Sheeps Clothing ; The Haunting ; Wild Wild World ; Bleak December ; N.M.E ; Hypnotized

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3. Mars Argo
Fave songs: Living it ; Beauty is empty ; Spider in my bathtub ; Wasted away ; Runaway Runaway ; Wet Cigarette

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5. Eminem: Big diversity of songs so you can always find something fitting for your mood. He's a lyrical genius and you can't convince me otherwise. I am yet to find a song by him i don't like (that isn't to say every song he makes is amazing, i just happen to like all of them).
Fave songs: Just lose it ; Berzerk ; When I'm gone ; Stan ; Kim (i love it but i hate it) ; The real Slim Shady ; My Darling ; Puke ; Offended ; Venom

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6. K.Flay:
Fave songs: Black Wave ; High Enough ; Blood in the cut ; Giver

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7. Alice in Chains:
Fave songs: Rotten apple ; Man in the Box ; The devil put dinosaurs here ; Again ; Would? ; A little bitter

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8. Cosmo Sheldrake:
Fave songs: The Moss ; Rich ; Come along ; Pelicans we ; An egg and a soldier

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and now, because I'm an emo trashbag:

9. My Chemical Romance:
Fave songs: You know what they do to guys like us in prison ; The ghost of you ; Mama ; Teenagers ; Blood ; Na Na Na ; Party Poison ; Burn Bright

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10. Panic at the Disco!:
Fave songs:

11. Twenty one pilots: Masters of metaphors. Their lyrics never fail to amaze me. Their music is different from anything else i've heard, and i love different.
Fave songs: Car Radio ; Lane Boy ; Message Man ; Migrane ; Nico and the Niners ; Jumpsuit ; most of Trench

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what can ya do

12. Mother Mother
Fave songs: Free ; Ghosting ; Born in a Flash ; Back In School ; The Drugs

13. Nothing But Thieves: Their music is kinda similar to TOP, it's hard to describe but it's unique and has a message.

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14. SIAMES: Very chill music. It helps me concentrate when I study. Maybe it's just me but it makes me feel cozy :3.
Fave songs: The Wolf ; Mr. Fear ; The Cave

15. Poppy:

16. Rainbow:

17. Led Zeppelin:

18. Lana Del Rey:

19. Queen:

20. Audioslave:

21. Caravan Palace:

That's it for now! You can suggest similar bands/artists if you want, I don't promise I will listen to them.