Hello babes,

I'm someone who works out a lot, but don't like to go to the gym (not my thing). I prefer working out at home or outdoor. And I was thinking that you too maybe?

So as any other youngster, YouTube is one of my favourite video platforms.
Thanks to lots of fitness YouTubers I'm able to go on with a good schedule to train.

Here's a list of my top favourites:

1. Holly Dolke

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she's very good for abs workout

Her abs are something else (°o°), if you're looking for some awesome abs workout WITHOUT equipment, check her channel. She's very positive and a nice person.

Really, go for it! ---------> https://bit.ly/2OTYCRf

2. Sarahs Day

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gives lots of HIIT at home

She's very fit, like sports is very important for her and indeed she goes a lot to the gym. BUT her home workouts are very great. She made some fat burning workout that gives amazing results. I highly recommend her! She also gives lots of tips about fat and cellulite loss for instance, and hormonal tips and diet.

Also... she just got pregnant!! (Congrats to her!) So I guess she will give some tips about pregnancy + workout. Maybe some of you are or know someone who is pregnant, I feel like it's something every women need.

her channel: https://bit.ly/2AAAkRo

3. Gabriella Whited

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my ultimate favourite (just a hot badass fit girl)

If you're looking for short workouts with showing results in no time; then you found it!

Seriously, you can just play her video and workout with her as if she was right there beside you lol. She's so energetic and charismatic! She's also very receptive, you can even share your results through DM on her Instagram and she'll respond.

Sometimes you'll feel kind of lazy, but right after watching one of her videos you'll want to jump out of your bed and begin training.

She even made a 3min workout series aiming each part of your body, so don't hesitate and check it out! -------> https://bit.ly/2rCN7OR

Let me know how it went ;)

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with positiveness,