i think that i miss myself the most..the girl i used to be.
i know we grow up, a part of us passes and changes with each new day. but i feel like i've changed a lot and way too early and i miss that old me. that carefree, happy, and just that old me.

Image by Božena Tiesiog

change is a part of our lives, but change due to a tragic event hurts more. i know a lot of us are going through things which we won't even talk about. we change because the people we really gave a shit about changed..it's true.
and i miss the person i used to be when my life wasn't so messed up. when i hadn't met some people. sometimes i wish that i could turn back time, but then i realize that those people made me grow, made me stronger and wiser and maybe it was meant to be!
but still...there's this empty feeling.
I just miss who i used to be..and i can never get that 'me' back

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