Ingredients for Pumpkin Halwa
One small pumpkin, peeled and cut in small pieces
One cup evaporated milk
One cup coconut milk
Brown sugar 4 tablespoons or as per the desired level of sweetness (I had used Organic Coconut Sugar it’s a natural alternative sweetener)
100 grams unsalted butter (adjust the quantity of butter as required)
2 tablespoons oil (I used coconut oil)
1 cup of dried coconut kernels (khopra or fresh sometimes I used to add freshly grated coconut)
Sliced almonds (peel removed)
Cashew nuts can be added as well

Pumpkin Halwa preparation method
In a pot pour oil and add pumpkin, pour in coconut milk as well and cover with lid on low flame.
Pumpkin will be soft in 7-10 minutes then mash it and add sugar and butter and stir it well.
Now add evaporated milk and grated coconut and keep on stirring in between.
Cook the mixture until oil separates. Then add nuts and put on very low flame covered with a lid for 5-7 minutes.
Ready to serve.

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