Every body is beautiful, but I know how it feels when you have gained a little weight over some time and now you wanna be in shape again.

If you have gained a few pounds recently, it may be just water weight. It's much easier to lose than fat! Here's how to get rid of the water weight, and fat too if you keep doing these.

Reminder: food is fuel, not the enemy.

Do HIIT or something that makes you sweat

HIIT = high intensity interval training

Example: treadmill

20sec running really fast
10sec standing on the sides
20sec running
10sec standing

Repeat this 5-10 times. It's really effective if you run really fast. Remember to warm up and be VERY CAREFUL when jumping to the sides!! Try with lower speed first.

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Google for another HIIT-workouts, it doesn't have to be running!!!

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Drink green tea and lots of water

Green tea has found to burn fat and boost metabolism, and well water just is good fo you. It will boost your digestion, metabolism, energy levels and everything. You can't lose water weight and/or fat if you don't drink water enough!!

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Sleep enough

If you don't sleep, your body starts to collect fat and water weight. I've noticed good results now that I sleep 8-10 hours a night!! And it's good for your brain too.

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Sterch / do yoga

I can't explain in english why it works but it works!

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Get enough protein

1-2 grams protein per one kilogram from your weight. Not sure how it turns out in pounds, but if you weight 70 kilograms, you need 70-140g protein a day. Try to count your own protein need. BUT DON'T HAVE TOO MUCH PROTEIN, the extra protein stores as fat.

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Drink apple sider vinegar

It's really disgusting but it works. One spoon a day. In the morning is the best time.

Have breakfast every day

Breakfast starts your digestion system in the morning, so do not skip it. It's the most important meal of the day.

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Fruits and veggies will help you lose your water weight. And they are good for you and you know it.

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Need help? Come and ask from me, I'll try to help you :)
Thanks for reading!

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