8. Share something you struggle with.

all my life i've struggled with confidence, i've never walked out of the house feeling confident, i've always been so self-conscious about my weight; being so thin. i look in the mirror every single day and just think no better.

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there have been times when i've tried to be confident, by putting myself out there, but theres always a way for someone to throw a judgement on me.. i luckily haven't been bullied directly but i know that people say shit behind my back.

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being brought up in generation z, social media has been a big influence to self-consciousness and insecurities within people; displaying what is expected of people, of what they should look like and what people praise upon. having supermodels look all the same, making women and men think that they're not enough.

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confidence doesn't just come out of blue for people, they have to build that confidence themselves; it doesn't have to be changing the way you look, but you can discover ways in loving yourself, what i'm trying to achieve myself.

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