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When you wear glasses you'll know the struggle. Make-up will come off at the points where your glasses touch your face.

This is especially true for the sides of your nose.

  • So instead of foundation use a thick concealer as your base (a slightly darker concealer will give you the contouring effect).
  • Anther method would be to not apply any make-up at all where the nose pads of your glasses touch your skin. Just cover the center part of your nose and it will apear higher on your face.
  • Then take a sponge to apply some powder. The powder will help the make-up set in and last longer.
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  • Make sure to curl your eyelashes high up when you apply mascara. If you don't, they'll constantly stick to your lenses and become droopy.
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  • Since glasses sit on the cheeks, don't go too crazy with the blush either.
  • Highlighter can make your face shine too brightly because of the reflection from your lenses. So omit thet too.

And last but not least:

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  • Thick horn-rimmed glasses add a strong impact to your face. So instead of a strong lip color, use MLBB colors (My Lips But Better collors)
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