i missed like 3 days bc i've forgotten lmao sozzles.

7. List 10 songs that you're loving right now

ascending order, lowest to highest.

In Da Club, 50 Cent

50 cent and gif image

I Like It, Cardi B

funny, pretty, and rapper image

American Idiot, Green Day

billie joe armstrong, green day, and 21 guns image

Bust A Move, Young MC

young image
i couldn't find a gif!!

The Less I Know Better, Tame Impala

aesthetic, aesthetics, and gif image

Pictures Of Girls, Wallows

wallows and dylan minnette image
no gif!!

Feel Good, Gorillaz

gif, gorillaz, and noodle image

I'll Keep You Safe, sagun

anime, free, and inspiration image

Wait, NoMBe

gif, hold, and moon image

Hollywood, Gorillaz

gif, gorillaz, and dare image