heyyy, so I'm back after being MIA for a while haha, anyways I've wanted to make one of these articles for a while now so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! xxx

my inspo:

1.) coffee or tea- coffee (preferably iced)

coffee, bag, and breakfast image

2.) black and white or colour- black and white (depressing, I know haha)

Image by 𝑵

3.) drawings or paintings- hmm probably drawings

art, artist, and artwork image

4.) dresses or skirts- ok I love both but I love dresses more

madison beer, rp, and madisonbeer image

5.) books or movies- movies

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

6.) coke or pepsi- definitely coke

lana del rey, lana, and black and white image

7.) chinese or italian- oh god I love both sm but imma have to go with italian

pizza, couple, and movie image

8.) early bird or night owl- uhh night owl duh!!

city, light, and night image

9.) chocolate or vanilla- yummm I love both but I would choose vanilla

food, ice cream, and summer image

10.) introvert or extrovert- ambivert!!

poems, sayings, and thoughts image

11.) hugs or kisses- ok so no one is kissing me rn haha, so for now hugs ♡

Image by cheesetoastie11

12.) hunting or fishing- uh yea...no thnx sis

hell, family guy, and burn image

13.) winter or summer- summer :)

Temporarily removed

14.) autumn or spring- spring, its my bday season yeye!!

beautiful, beauty, and black and white image

15.) rural or urban- uRbAn, my fave

black and white, city, and black image

16.) pc or mac- mac is SUPERIOR!1!1!1

blue, white, and indie image

17.) tan or pale- I'm extremely pale but I wish I was tan :(

girl, beauty, and model image

18.) cake or pie- mmm cake scrummy

Temporarily removed

19.) ice cream or pie- ice cream yum

black, candy, and Cookies image

20.) ketchup or mustard- definitely ketchup, I hate mustard

chanel, food, and black image

21.) sweet pickles or dill pickles- I luv pickles, and I would choose dill pickles

food, homer, and the simpsons image

22.) comedy or mystery- can't choose ugh

friends, happy, and quotes image

23.) boots or sandals- hmmmm probably boots

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

24.) silver or gold- well since I only wear silver jewellery ill choose silver

Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚

25.) pop or rock- pop

black, black and white, and cutie image

okay ty for reading and look out for part 2! mwah