This is going to be random :)

So the other night I was driving back to my school on the freeway and it was like 8:30 pm and already super dark. And of course because it's LA there was traffic, but I just got to thinking, and I was just like, where are all these people going? Are some people going back to school like me? Are they going to surprise their family? The airport? A hospital? There are so many cars all going the same way, yet everyone is going to end up in different places. I always wonder what kind of life the person inside each car has. If they are happy, if they are lonely, if they are nervous, if they are upset, if they are excited. I look at how some people have little kids in their car, while others have their friends, while others have no one, while some have two dogs hanging their heads out of the back window. I always want to know where they are going or what led them to the point where they are right now, to where we are both on the same road, at the same time, right next to each other, yet not knowing a single thing about each other. That person next to us could be a struggling artist that will one day make it big, or they could be a murderer with a body in the trunk of their car. They could be rich, or they could be one step away from being homeless. They could be dead tomorrow. They could meet the love of their life tomorrow.

You never know what kind of person is right beside you when you think you're all alone, you know?

This might not make ANY sense to be honest as it's late and I'm sleepy :) But thanks for reading this mess, ahaha and let me know if I'm the only weirdo that thinks about this stuff :D