TeensEL is a new Christian girl group from EL Movement. They debuted on the 18th of July with the album First Love.

This girl group consists of teeangers from the 1st to 3d year of Junior High School. They are set up to be a youth culture ministery team, promoting christianity to the 'sensitive youths'.

Their name is comporimised of the word Teens, for teenagers, and EL, for God.

Full Mission Statement (translated by Google)
Christian's first CCM girl group "TeensEL" birth
Teenagers' youth ministry team consisting of 9 middle school girls

Christianity, which led the cultures of this land, has lagged behind the world culture.
Today, the influence of Christianity on society is negligible, especially worrying is that there is very little Christian cultural ministry for growing young people.
Adolescents who are supposed to have the right values and healthy self - identity in Christ are unprotected to the mass media and media that have been subjected to commercialism.
So, in order to deliver a healthy Christian culture to their sensitive youths, we have set up TeensEL, a youth culture ministry team, to obey God's holy calling.

TeensEL is the name given to the words Teens and God (EL) in the hope that God will join the wandering teens.
The Teenagers are currently comprised of nine female students from the first to the third year of junior high school.
He has a holy sense of mission and enthusiasm to pass on the gospel to the youth through culture, and is enjoying the time of hard training with joy.
I hope that Tinsel will be a cultural ministry team that will help to spread the culture of Christ throughout the whole country and to have the right values and healthy self to the youth of this land, and today Tinsel members are sweating hard for such a vision .

I can't find any of their names. I only know that they had 9 members in the beginning and now have been performing with 5. Maybe it's also part of the whole Christian concept: to not divert attention from God, an artist is not allowed to put their name on their work.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Religious-Center/Teensel-%ED%8B%B4%EC%A6%88%EC%97%98-444446076016136/