IZ*one is the 12 member project group created during the survival show Produce 48, a collaboration between Produce 101 and AKB48. They will be co-managed by Off The Record (Korean promotions) and AKS (Japanese promotions). Previously, it was announced that the group would be managed by Pledis Entertainment, however Off The Record has taken over

The group made their debut on 29th of October with the album 'COLOR*IZ' and the title track 'La Vie en Rose'. Which was later revealed to have been the planned comeback song for CLC.

Kwon Eunbi (09.27.1995): Woolim Entertainment. Leader. Formerly of Ye-A as Ka.zoo, a group that created some buzz in Korea as one of the members (Hyunjin) was the daughter of soccer/football player Hwang Seonhong who has played over a 100 matches in the Korean national team. Ye-A only released one song called UP N DOWN (featuring Jay of BTL, a labelmate) and promoted in Hongkong before disbanding in 2015. Eunbi left the group before disbandment in late 2014.

Before debuting in this group, she worked as a dancer for Girls' Day, B.A.P, Untouchable and Secret for over a year and was part of professional choreography team Play, with whom she has apparently won some awards.
Two days ahead of her debut, she appeared with Yi.Gyer (Hyunjin) on the 11th episode of '1대100’.
After leaving Ye-A she was a dancer for Lovelyz and appeared alongside Infinite's Dongwoo for his solo stage. She graduated from the Seoul Performing Arts Highschool Dance Department.
She has stated that she can do every genre when it comes to dance, but that she's most confident in girl's hiphop and Kpop routines.
She's also fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese and is talented on various other scenes, such as flower arranging, nail art, costume design, writing and musicals

I'm sure there's more on her out there, but I've spent over a good hour researching just her career and at this point I just want to continue with the other girls.

Miyawaki Sakura (03.19.1998): AKS. Co-captain of HKT48 and used to be in AKB48. She became a kenkyuusei of HKT48 in 2011, being promoted to team H in under a year. She was transferred to team KIV in 2014 and got a concurrent position (kennin) in team A of AKB48 the same year. In 2017, this kenning position was cancelled and officially ended on the 1st of April 2018. In the same year she ranked 3rd in the Senbatsu event of that year, which was her highest position. She announced her retirment from the Senbatsu events while appearing in Produce 48
She used to be a child actress and wants to get into acting again.
She has also started her own videogaming channel on Youtube
She is talented in writing and drawing.

Choi Yena (09.29.1999): Yuehua Entertainment. She is the sister of Choi Seungmin, a member of the disbanded groups Coed School and SPEED and current actor

Kang Hyewon (09.27/8.1999): 8D Creative

Kim Chaewon (2000): Woolim Entertainment. She appeared in Golden Child's Let Me mv

Lee Chaeyeon (01.11.2000): WM Entertainment. She used to be a JYP trainee and appeared in the show Sixteen. She also appeared with her sister, Lee Chaeryoung (also a Sixteen contestant), on Kpop Star 3.
Prior to any of this, she was part of KYW Dance School.
In her freetime, she likes to create choreographies, cook, play badminton and watch dramas.
She has a dog named Chaeri and has another younger sibling named Chaemin.
She can also speak Japanese

Honda Hitomi (10.06.2001): AKS. Member of AKB48's team B and team 8. She joined team 8 in 2014 because she wanted to test her possibilities and has been chosen to represent Tochigi Prefecture. She got a concurrent position in team B in December, 2017 during the anniversary shuffle.
She was a cheerleader for 4 years

Jo Yuri (2001): Stone Music

Kim Minju (10.05.2001): Urban Works. This is the same company Kriesha Chu is signed to and theytend to interact a lot. They do Vlives together and Minju and Kriesha Chu have even released a song together called Falling Star.
She has done some CFs in the past as well and has made an appearance in iKon's WYD mv and acted in The Great Seducer/Tempted as young Choi Sooji.
Minju is also a talented guitar player

Yabuki Nako (06.18.2001): AKS. HKT48. She first became a part of team H in 2014 (after being promoted from the kenkyuusei team she joined in 2013), until she received a concurrent position for team B as well in AKB48 in 2015. This made her the 2nd youngest member to ever get a concurrent position at the age of 13. She lost/left her concurrent position in December 2017 and is currently only part of team H.

She was named the ace of the 3rd generation
Like Sakura, she has done some acting roles, though mostly in commercials and small movie/film and drama roles.
She is also an exclusive model for LOVE Berry.
She has a parakeet named Moriyama Yukio.

An Yujin (09.22.2003): Starship Entertainment

Jang Wonyoung (10.01.2004): Starship Entertainment. Maknae.

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