Who is the witch who comes to life when all the rest of the world seems to be asleep? She is the winter witch, of course.


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Her style isn't particularly feminine, since she's completely wrapped up in scarves and sweaters that obscure her figure. Neutral earthy tones and winter white fill her wardrobe. Plaid and Scandinavian prints are her favorite patterns.


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He comes and goes like the winter wind. She is never sure when her white wolf will come back but when he does, he is wonderful, though quiet, company.


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Their favorite tradition is to go out into the woods and decorate a tree with lights and charms to celebrate the peak of winter. And afterwards they, of course, gather to have a cup of cocoa and talk about their hopes for the new year.


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Much like the cold winter forest, her home is sparsely decorated yet still warm and comforting. She loves to cuddle up with her fur pillows and blankets and enjoy the silence of winter.


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Light a candle on your altar to pray for the light to come back during these days with less daylight hours. Add pine and evergreens to honor their strength and ability to endure the harsh winter.

Spells & Charms

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While baking your Yule cookies, carve sigils into the dough to bring good luck to anyone who eats them. Create a wreath and as you weave the holly and evergreen, think about your intentions for the new year.