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Much of what you study in school may not now seem relevant to your life. Unless you are planning a career as a scientist, you will likely have little use in the future for the physics formulas your teacher may have made you learn.

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Further, it is not likely that as an adult you will have a day-to-day needs to conjugate verbs or compute the angles of an isosceles triangle.
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Homework may, therefore, be called a brain exercise. “The brain is... a vast interconnecting network." School assignments can help you sharpen your abilities to concentrate, to reason, to memorize, to analyze a problem, and to draw logical conclusions.

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But you can try to see your education as a positive means to an end—gaining knowledge and skills that will help you lead a useful and productive life. True, educational requirements and economic conditions vary widely from country to country.

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How Can You Prepare For An Exam?
1. You need to plan your schedule
2. Start studying what you think is difficult for you
3. You need to work in a neat environment
4. You need to take breaks in between
5. You need to have a notebook to write your work
6. You need to draw amind mp or something easy to make your studying so much easier

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