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Smiling- it makes the world calm and your heart to be peaceful.

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I smile at almost everyone. I make an effort to greet people.

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We express our happy feelings when we smile and laugh. It's part of life. We should all smile more- because of the hardship that this world can bring us at times.

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What is a smile?
A smile is generally defined in dictionaries as ‘a facial expression in which the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward, expressing amusement, approval, or joy.’

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Herein lies the secret of the warm smile. A smile is a nonverbal way of expressing one’s feelings or communicating one’s emotions to others. Of course, a smile might also express scorn or disdain, but that is another subject.

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The positive effect of a smile remains true to this day. A warm smile may help relieve built-up tensions. It may prove to be like a safety valve on a pressure cooker. When we feel tense or frustrated, a smile can help us to alleviate that tension and cope with our frustration.

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There is a saying, “Laughter is good medicine.” In fact, medical authorities note that one’s frame of mind has much to do with one’s physical condition.

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it becomes evident that the key to a genuine smile lies in our thoughts and emotion. What is in our hearts will no doubt be expressed, sooner or later, not only by our words and deeds but also by our facial expressions. Thus, we need to continue to work on dwelling on positive thoughts.

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Our facial expression is strongly affected by our thoughts about others. When we concentrate on the finer qualities of family members, people in our neighborhood, and our good friends. We will find it much easier to smile at them.

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“Let us not give up in doing what is fine . . . Let us work what is good toward all.”

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One way to work “what is good” to others is to smile at them—and this is within your means! So take the initiative in greeting others and giving a word of encouragement with a smile.

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