Since the first one was liked so much, I decided to make another.

My Blood - Twenty One pilots (Sam and Dean)

top, trench, and my blood image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dean winchester, jared padalecki, and Jensen Ackles image blue, yellow, and my blood image
Honestly, I got more convinced after seeing the music video (except for the fact that Dean exists.)

Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy (Adam Milligan)

fall out boy, grunge, and photo image Image removed Image removed Abusive image
especially the ''I think that God is gonna have to kill me twice'' bit.

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence (Souless!Sam and Samifer)

evanescence, Lyrics, and quotes image supernatural image supernatural, sam winchester, and Hot image evanescence, Lyrics, and quotes image

Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift (Jack Kline)

Lyrics, quotes, and Reputation image dean winchester, glowing eyes, and jack image supernatural and jack kline image flowers, goth, and quote image