Favorite Movies

disney, dumbo, and elephant image moana, disney, and princess image ana, belive, and cool image Image removed
dumbo, moana, frozen, ciderella

Favorite Character

disney, mulan, and walt disney image aladdin, disney, and applause image frozen, ana, and disney image disney, lion king, and the lion king image
mushu, the genie, ana, timon and pumba

Favorite Sidekicks

disney and stich image bambi, quotes, and disney image animation, waltdisney, and cute image tarzan image
stich, drum, koda, terk <3

Favorite Pricesses

amazing, awesome, and disney image mulan, disney, and wallpaper image ana, disney, and disney princess image Image removed
moana, mulan, ana, belle <3

Favorite Princes

disney, film, and frozen image disney, mulan, and li shang image Image by A. ✨ Inspiring Image on We Heart It
kristoff, shang, adam(the beast) simba

Favorite non-princesses heroine

disney image disney, Fairies, and fawn image disney, lilo, and lilo and stich image bal, ben, and evie image
kiara, fawn, nani<3, mal

Favorite Pixar Movies

inside out image boo, monster, and disney image disney, movie, and up image merida, disney, and brave image
inside-out, mounster inc. up, brave

Favorite Songs

cartoon, gif, and cute image moana image castle, disney, and disney castle image disney, hakuna matata, and simba image
brother bear-on my way... moana-how far i´ll go... mulan-I'll Make a Man Out of You... the lion king- hakuna matata

Saddest Moments

gif, disney, and dumbo image brave, mom, and disney image art, girls, and graphics image simba, the lion king, and disney image
dumbo, brave, frozen, the lion king

Favorite Villians

Inspiring Image on We Heart It 101 dalmatians, disney, and film image cool, disney, and hercules image disney, gif, and life image
maleficent, cruella de vil, ades, ursula

Movie that needs more Appreciation

ana, belive, and cool image Image removed family, simba, and kiara image Image removed
the hound & the fox, oliver & company, the lion kin II,

Favorite Animals

disney, fairytale, and funny image ana, belive, and cool image gif, pig, and pua image hercules, disney, and pegasus image
tangle- maximus, up-dug, moana-pua, hercules- pegasus.

Best Kisses

Image removed Image removed boy, fantasy, and frozen image ana, belive, and cool image
ana & kristoff, mulan & shang, pocahontas & john,, tarzan & jane.

Best Soundtrack

animation, disney, and film image confidence, disney, and don't give up image cuddle, dance, and frozen image brother bear and disney image
the lion king, moana, frozen, bear brother.

thanks for read... this is my first article... i hope you enjoyed <3 <3