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And I mean I wish I could be a Disney princess? I literally grew up with Disney movies and I WANNA BE A PRINCESS (But ima prince...I got proof... Inside joke)

I also dont wanna make the perfect pink princess, I want to make her stick out and not be all perfect like the others. (and a little...creepy..)

Anywayyyyy...Lets get started!!!


~~> Name: Victoria

~~> Backstory: When she was young she always felt different, left out, like she didn't belong....most people didn't like her. They thought she was creepy. Her parents never got along and would always fight. One day she couldn't take it anymore and when they went to sleep she stabbed them (she founded out she enjoyed hearing their screams and the blood gushing out), No one knew it was her who did it though. After she killed her parents she faked her own death and "hung" herself making everyone believe she wasn't around anymore. After she ran away out the castle leaving everything she had behind. She came across an old abandoned castle. She decided to live there and start a new life. a secret life where no one knew who she was, she even changed her name to Victoria instead of Emma. She changed her name and her appearance so no one would know who she is....

She came across a black panther and was about to kill it til she looked in its eyes and saw it was hurt and needed help. She decided to take care of it and they became best friends. The panther would protect Victoria in any danger she was in

~~> Appearance: She would have light blue eyes, pale skin, black hair and her hairstyle would be a braid thingy thing....thing

eyes, blue, and tumblr image body and girl image hair, lilac, and purple image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

~~> Makeup: More of the dark mysterious shades

lipstick, mac, and makeup image makeup, eyes, and make up image makeup, dark, and eyes image makeup, beauty, and eyes image

~~> Her dress: It shows off her legs and isn't the normal princess outfit. Its more darkness then light with silver gems on her waist and around her top. It's also a little tighter to show off her figure

Image by bunnimist

~~> Her shoes: Sexy lacey black heels

Image by bunnimist

~~> Her gloves: Lacey cute gloves with flowers

Image by bunnimist

~~> Her accessories: She has a cross necklace, a lip piercing, a ring on her middle finger, moon tattoo and a butterfly knife Alex gave to her to symbolize his love to her.

awesome, creepy, and pierce image Image removed aesthetic, art, and cool image nails, rose, and grunge image tattoo, moon, and black and white image knife, черный, and эстетика image

~~> Her pet: A black panther, Which if you stare at for too long will pounce and attack you. Her name is Samara and she has been protecting Victoria since she was decided to take care of Samara when she was hurt. So repay her she would protect her

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~~> Her best friend(s):

fantasy, forest, and alice image tattoo, mad, and quotes image alice in wonderland and black and white image blood, dress, and alice image

Alice from Alice in wonderland. Except, Alice was in wonderland for too long and went insane trying to find her way out. She would wonder the woods lost and clueless driving her head mad until she became insane. Luckily for her Victoria came and was able to come across Alice helping her get out of wonderland

Inspiring Image on We Heart It purple, dress, and aesthetic image castle, disney, and tangled image disney, header, and quote image

Rapunzel, But since she was trapped in her tower all her life not being able to talk to anyone made her mentally unstable and all she wanted to do was see the lanterns. But it never happened. Whenever someone came to rescue her, she would push them off her tower finding great pleasure in it. Until, Victoria came and helped her.

~~> Her crown: Something simple and dark. Not too much sequence

crown, king, and green image aesthetic, dark, and evil image

~~> Her palace: An abandoned old palace which is falling apart

castle, vintage, and architecture image abandoned, building, and decay image abandoned, alpha, and decay image aesthetic, castle, and gate image

~~> Her personality: She is mysterious, crazy, loves adventures, Sadistic, shy, she loves to paint, Explore creepy forest with her friends, Sing, and write all about her adventures. she also envious of Elise and others

art, city, and painting image autumn, fall, and forest image dark, microphone, and lose yourself image old, retro, and typewriter image

~~> Her prince charming: He's not a prince, His name is Alex, He's a killer, masochist, insane, insomniac and mysterious. They met in a dark forest at 2 in the morning. He was gonna kill her but when the moonlight shined on her face he instantly fell in love with her, Letting her go. Ever since then they've been together. He wears a gas mask and carries a butchers knife. If he takes his gas mask off it shows his blood red eyes.

creepy, lake, and mask image anime, manga, and boy image black and white, gas mask, and mask image anime, kagerou project, and kuroha image

~~> Her power/gift: She controls darkness, storms, other peoples pain and nightmares

sky, lightning, and thunder image pain, aesthetic, and quotes image halsey, demon, and Lyrics image red, nightmare, and aesthetic image

~~> Her enemy: Her enemy is Elise she's the princess of light and good. After Victoria killed her parents and "commit suicide" Elise took over the kingdom becoming the new ruler of the land. Elise doesn't know that Victoria is still alive but Victoria secretly hates her and thinks she's too perfect. Everyone loves her and Victoria is trying to kill her.

dress, princess, and Queen image pink, crown, and princess image beautiful, blonde, and girl image angel, Lyrics, and quotes image


As you can see this isnt your average disney princess. To me it seems like a princess Tim burton would make. I wanted her to be different and honestly I would love to be her! she has a few of my personality traits in there too

Sorry if it was a little too dark and twisted but I love the character I made!

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