Hey, y'all! Last night I took some time to sort through my Polaroid pictures from my Greece trip this summer, and got super inspired. This is really lengthy, I know, but I think it's worth the read if you know what it's like trying to remember every little detail from those amazing moments of your life, but forget the bad ones associated with it. Every experience you have probably holds a lesson somewhere in it, and it's often embedded in the bad parts. Start trying to think of them a a whole to truly get the very best from your nostalgia. I love you all <3

Remember these moments as the night that you truly felt alive. Remember the feeling of loading the plane and having no idea what 32D meant. Remember the feeling of overlooking the whole island of Samos atop a mountain and doubting your existence in that very place and time. Remember spinning around with your friends on the top deck of the cruise ship just to fall and feel drunk for a second of two. Remember the silence that fell upon the 6 of you as you all realized the beauty of the stars above the Aegean sea and shed a quick tear, thinking no moment would ever feel this pure. Remember losing your breath as you walked into the monastery of saint john, shocked by the beauty of the gold encrusted thrones and untouched history. Remember feeling the holy spirit inhabit your body stronger than ever before. Remember the betrayal as the girls you considered your closest friends stabbed you in the back motivated by jealousy. Remember the cool breeze from the sea drying your waterfall of tears as your biggest role model held you close and bore her deepest wisdom to you. Remember the liberation of saying ¨fuck¨ in front of her, and her saying it back, solidifying your special bond. Remember dancing your heart out to congratulations trying so hard to forget the pain and just let go. Remember your hesitation before going back to the top deck to join a boy who just wanted to be alone. Remember the unfamiliar comfort you felt as you shared your deepest secrets with him in that abandoned bar at midnight. Remember the exhilaration surging through your body as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, shielding you from the bitter cold. Remember getting lost in santorini and not understanding how a place so beautiful could bring you so much fear. Remember how hard you laughed with the boy on the bus as he pointed out you had purchased a sex book from the quaint underground library. Remember feeling as if you were back home on your laptop, looking at a beautiful pinterest photo, not believing it were possible to actually be there experiencing it yourself. Remember playing card games in the hotel lobby floor and catching quick glimpses from the quirky goofball who makes you smile. Remember the fuzziness you felt when he kisses you on the cheek and called you cute, and the mild annoyance you felt from his reluctance to give you a real kiss on the rooftop overlooking athens at midnight. Remember wrapping your arms around his neck, telling him to just go for what we both wanted, knowing deep inside that this would be a moment you would retell for the rest of your life. Remember the theatrics your roomates threw when they heard the good news, jumping and shouting on your bed, and feeling as if you were living in a high school movie… and loving it. Remember the syrup from the baklava seeping through layers of flaky dough, melting on your tongue. Remember holding hands with your friends, as well as strangers, as you danced around the huge restaurant to greek music. Remember the boy twirling you around and telling you that your dress is beautiful remember longing for a place you haven't even left yet and the sweet surprise of feeling such a strong connection to a faraway land. Remember the bittersweet feeling of the last goodbye hugs with the people who had such a strong impact on the journey, some of which you knew you would never see again. Remember waking up frazzled and ready to go home after falling asleep on the athens airport floor. Engulf yourself in nostalgia every single time a reminder of your adventures appears and remember how lucky you are to have experienced such wild and beautiful moments the summer you were sixteen.