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The Athleisure trend won't be on the wane anytime soon - and this is evident with the sudden popularity of cycling shorts; yes, cycling shorts are no longer just for the gym or for your afternoon bike rides - they can also be worn on a special night out with your girls or to create a cool, fashion-forward outfit for school.

I know that this cycling short trend can be tricky to pull off, but this article will show you easy ways you make this style work for you:

Pair it with a graphic t-shirt

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If you're tired of the same old t-shirt and skinny jeans combo as your everday outfit - then switch things up and replace your go-to jeans with cycling shorts.
Cycling shorts are super comfy to wear - perfect for everyday use. These biker shorts are also versatile and can be styled with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers.

Wear it with a blazer

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Do the unexpected and wear a blazer with cycling shorts to add an elegant flare to your look. Take style notes from Bella by adding chic accessories like slim framed sunglasses and a beret.

Throw on a denim jacket

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Look effortlessly stylish by throwing on a cropped denim jacket with your cycling shorts and top. The denim jacket will help make your cycling shorts look more well put together and make it seem like you put a lot of thought into creating your look.

Dress it up with heels

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Elevate your look by pairing your cyling shorts with strappy stilettos. Heels, cycling shorts and a shirt dress make the perfect combo to create a show-stopping outfit for a girls night out.

Wear it with a crop top

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Look like an instagram baddie by wearing your cycling shorts with a bandeu top. This combo is effortlessly fashionable and will make you standout from the crowd.

Thanks for reading, loves! I hope this article has gotten you interested in trying the biker shorts trend! follow me if you wanna see more fashion articles from me


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