shes confused about her sexuality
and me too

i know who i am
im bisexual and i accept that

but i dont know if i wanna go after the love of my life who doesnt love me back
or the girl who needs acceptance and would keep me warm and on my toes

-parents dont know theyre gay
-parent/s are homophobic
-dont like me back (i think)

-shes into hickies and that stuff
-the other isnt
-one might have a crush on me
-the other got her heart broken by me

i dont know what to do. idk if im just gonna be using her.
dates wont be a thing, because of a homophobic parent on her side
she drinks and vapes, which isnt good for me.
she doesnt even answer my damn emails

but shes cute, and funny, and makes me feel accepted.
and doesnt look at me like i am the worst person alive.

im so confused